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Grab a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 for Just $177

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Grab a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 for Just $177-GadgetAny
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Image credit : Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is a quick 10.5″ Android tablet that works well for web browsing, making calls, and streaming media. Even light gaming works well with it. Pricing starts at $177, but we suggest the 64GB and 128GB variants for $219 and $259. You can purchase one this weekend for 23% off across a number of stores.

Many of us enjoy spending time at our so-called “third places” between our homes and our places of employment, such as a friend’s home or a coffee shop. It turns out that a sizable section of the population enjoys using a “third device” in addition to their computers and smartphones, and we believe Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A8 hits the appropriate balance.

What’s special about the Galaxy Tab A8

When you want a laptop-style display without a keyboard, the Galaxy Tab A8 is a respectable option. As reviewer Connor Nolan points out in our product review, the 10.5″ screen performs fairly well for streaming material and video conversations indoors.

Buy now : Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 on Amazon

Do you dislike how Apple’s ecosystem and high-priced devices enslave you? This is the complete opposite of that. This is also not an Amazon Fire tablet; instead, it offers all the usability of Android through the Google Play ecosystem, the additional features offered by Samsung’s One UI, including a full suite of features hosted by Good Lock, as well as consistently moderate performance and improved endurance thanks to its Unisoc octa-core SoC and 7,040mAh battery.

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