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Hot deal- 65% off at Amazon and 50% off at Samsung for Samsung's Popular Sound Tower

(Image Credit Google)
(Image credit- Samsung)

Samsung MX-ST40B Sound Tower | $250 | Samsung

Everyone wins when major manufacturers of devices like Samsung and Amazon engage in a price war. The party-friendly MX-ST40B Sound Tower received a 50% reduction to $250 on Samsung during the ongoing Discover Samsung event, and Amazon soon responded by lowering the price even more, to $172. The MX-ST40B Sound Tower is the ultimate party machine, regardless of where you choose to take advantage of these offers. It is portable and cordless, producing 160 watts of loud yet clear sound over a 12-hour battery life. It can link to several additional Sound Towers and is water-resistant to an IPX5 grade. There can be more than one DJ in the house because the LED light effects are programmable through the Sound Tower app (available for iOS and Android) and can link to two smart devices at once. For a significant discount on your next party, visit Amazon or the Discover Samsung event. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Buy Sound Tower T50 500W 2.0Ch (Black) - Price & Specs | Samsung India Image credit- Samsung[/caption]


  • Power Output: 300 W;
  • Battery Mode: 80 W;
  • Connectivity Options: USB Music Playback;
  • Bluetooth; Bluetooth Multi Connection;
  • Analog Audio Input: Yes (3.5mm);
  • Wired Group Play; Wireless Group Play Special Features: Party Lighting (PARTY, AMBIENT, DANCE, THUNDERBOLT, STAR, OFF) | Bass Booster | DJ Effect (NOISE, FILTER, CRUSH, CHORUS, WAHWAH),
  • Samsung Sound Tower App (Bluetooth)- Yes;
  • Built-in Battery; Take the music with you wherever you go.
  • Bass Booster- High Power 160 Watts | Bi-Directional Sound | Built-in Battery | Water-resistant (IPX5) | Sound Modes: STANDARD(MONO), HIPHOP, EDM, ROCK, LATIN, HOUSE, REGGAE
  • Accessories included: a single remote control.
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty for the product.
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