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How to Organize a Fridge? Simple Ways Mom Didn’t Taught You

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How to Organize a Fridge? Simple Ways Mom Didn’t Taught You-GadgetAny

We all have different kinds of food & grocery items at our home that we store in our fridge. But the problems arrives when every different kind of food needs a different temprature to be at perfect state to eat. So, here we need to master our skill to organize the fridge  and increase the life of food and make the maximum utilization of the space we have in the fridge.

So, here i am going to teach you best tips on how you can organize your fridge.

Don’t put Eggs & milk in the door shelves

Only condiments should be kept inside the refrigerator door because that place is the least cool area in the fridges. While the majority of us keep our milk &b eggs in the door, it is advised that these items be kept on the lower shelf because it is the coldest portion of the refrigerator. Other things that can be stored behind doors include sauces, butter, and less perishable goods.

Veggies & Fruits Drawers

Use the Veggies & Fruits Drawers Properly

Two drawers, one for fruits and one for vegetables, are most usually present in contemporary refrigerators. On days when farmers markets are held, it may be tempting to move some greens from an overstuffed vegetable drawer to the fruit side, but try to resist the desire. Why? Greens wilt more slowly in moisture, therefore the vegetable drawer is calibrated for high-humidity produce, and the fruit drawer is tuned for low humidity (fruits rot slower in low humidity). Greens and fruits should be kept apart for another reason: the ethylene from fruits can cause plants to spoil before their time.

Where to store meat?

Meat is usually stored in the freezer or at the lower shelf, to avoid spillage on other food items. Place the meat on a plate and store it on the lower shelf so spillage will not effect other food items and it will be very easy to clean it.

Hang baskets on the inside walls

 Hang baskets on the inside walls

Sometimes, we have extra space left where we kept some small in size food items. We can just simply hang a basket at that spot to maximum utilize the space we have.

Use the walls inside

You can also write the expiration date of the food items on the inside walls of your fridge to avoid food wastage. You can just write the date alongside the food item and you keep it in check when should you cook it.


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