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How to Record Video in iPhone with Background Music?

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How to Record Video in iPhone with Background Music?-GadgetAny
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Have you ever noticed that when you select Video mode in the Camera app, any music playing on your iPhone automatically stops?

In most cases, this is a useful feature, but what if you want to record a video and include the music in the recording?

Fortunately, there is an easy trick you can use to make videos while your music is still playing. The steps below demonstrate how to do it.

  • Start playing the song you want to hear in the background of your video.
  • Continue to use the Camera app in Photo mode.
  • To begin recording the video, tap and hold the shutter button.
  • Swipe the shutter button to the far right to continue recording the video without holding the button. (As you do so, the shutter will stretch elastically under your finger and a target padlock icon will appear.)
  • Swipe the stop button beneath the viewfinder to stop the video recording.

That’s the end of it. Your video will be stored in the Photos app, and when it is played, you will hear the music in the background.

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