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How to Remove Background Noises in Xbox Live Chats?

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How to Remove Background Noises in Xbox Live Chats?-GadgetAny

An Xbox support note reads, “If you want to keep some types of background noise in your parties, like music, you can also turn noise suppression off.”

“Just open the guide, scroll to Parties & chats, and select Options. There you can enable or disable noise suppression.”

The Xbox series X and S are getting new updates today, which allow subduing background noises like clicks, breathing, loud background music, etc., in the party chats. The feature is on by default; Microsoft states that the on and off switching is easy.

The Xbox update also offers a new way to connect with friends’ games. Microsoft elucidates, “Now the friends you share your game clips and screenshots with can not only watch your captures, they can start playing right away on their mobile device or PC with cloud gaming.”

“All you need to do is tap play from a clip, and you can start playing directly in a browser. It’s similar to how Google Stadia lets you share clips, and friends can jump into games.”

This new feature by Xbox is similar to Nvidia’s Broadcast app and Discord’s Krisp sound filters allowing PC users to remove unwanted background noises.

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