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How to see steps on apple watch including stairs climbed & Distance?

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When you pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone and it's up and running, it will automatically track your steps whenever you wear it. Follow along to learn how to view steps on an Apple Watch, including distance, flights climbed, and daily, monthly, and yearly trends. Steps, distance, and flights climbed are displayed in the Apple Watch's default Activity app. In addition to the data displayed on Apple Watch, the Fitness app on iPhone displays your daily, monthly, and yearly distance trends. Follow These Steps To See Steps On Your Apple Watch Also Read: Google’s My Ad Center — How to Disable Targeted Ads?

How to track and see steps on Apple Watch?

When you wear the Apple Watch, it automatically tracks your steps. Here's how you can track your progress:
  1. Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Using the Digital Crown, swipe down or scroll down.
  3. At the bottom, you'll see your daily steps, distance, and stairs climbed.
  4. You can also scroll down and tap Weekly Summary for more information.
  5. To view steps and related Activity data for another day, open the Fitness app on your iPhone.
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How to track Apple Watch steps on iPhone?

There are two ways to look at steps and distance on an iPhone. Daily steps and distance - Fitness app >> Summary tab >> Activity rings and then swipe down to see your steps and distance at the bottom or choose another date by swiping on the Activity rings at the top or tapping the calendar icon. Distance trends - Fitness app >> Summary tab. Swipe down to see your Trends with Distance walked/run and more and then tap Show More next to Trends to see more data. Trends indicate whether your Move, Exercise, and Distance activity is increasing or decreasing. Keep in mind that your data between Apple Watch and iPhone will not always be perfectly synchronized. However, after a few minutes of new activity, your iPhone should sync with your watch.

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