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How to Show/Hide Notifications on the Lock Screen on Android?

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How to Show/Hide Notifications on the Lock Screen on Android?-GadgetAny
Lockscreen Notification Android

Android lock screen has the option to display alerts, but you can alternatively choose to conceal them for privacy and lessening distractions.

According to an online article by The Verge, Android smartphones’ lock screens display different notifications from loaded apps without the need to unlock the device, which might be helpful in a variety of ways.

Users of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro need to be able to view their notifications without having to unlock their devices, not to mention. It comes as some users are still having troubles with their Pixel phones’ fingerprint sensors.

Notifications Lock Screen android
Image: Phandroid

Thankfully, Android phones offered the option to show or hide notifications on the lock screen. Additionally, its users might even decide which apps advance. It is useful for those who choose convenience over privacy because they can still maintain their private.

How to Enable Android Lock Screen Notifications?

Here’s a quick guide on how to make all notifications visible on your Android device’s lock screen. 

  • Once it is on, you won’t need to unlock your smartphone in order to read all of the incoming notifications from different apps.
  • Your Android phone’s Settings app should be opened.
  • After that, choose the “Apps & Notifications” category.
  • Then select “Notifications.”
  • Go to the Lock screen section next.
  • Choose either Notifications on the lock screen or On lock screen from there, depending on what your phone offers.
  • Then select “Show all notification content” or “Show alerting and silent notifications.”
Notifications Lock Screen android
Image: Guiding Tech

Google’s help page advises customers to contact their phone brand’s manufacturers because some phone manufacturers may alter the procedures for turning on lock screen notifications.

Choosing App Notifications on the Lock Screen

Users can only display all of the alerts from the apps they have loaded on their cellphones using the instructions above.

On the other hand, the procedures below allow Android users to select which apps will display their notifications on the lock screen, allowing them to pick and choose which apps they do not want to.

  • Launch your device’s Settings application.
  • Then select Notifications from the menu.
  • Select App settings after that.
  • From there, a list of the apps you have loaded on your device should appear along with a toggle button.
  • To turn off lock screen notifications for an app, tap the toggle button next to its name on the right.
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