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Huawei officially confirms Blood Sugar (Hyperglycemia) feature for Watch 4 series

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Huawei officially confirms Blood Sugar (Hyperglycemia) feature for Watch 4 series-GadgetAny
Huawei Watch 4 and Watch GT 4 series

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For the upcoming Huawei Watch 4 series, Huawei has officially verified the hyperglycemia, often known as high blood sugar, evaluation feature. This is a significant development because the new lineup of smart wearables will debut on May 18 in China.

Yu Chengdong, CEO of the Huawei Consumer Business Group, made the most recent announcement. He declared that the Huawei Watch 4 series will have technologies for assessing the risk of excessive blood sugar. As a pioneer in smartwatch technology, Huawei has won with this most recent invention.


The medical word for high blood glucose (blood sugar) is hyperglycemia. When the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or uses it improperly, high blood sugar results.


“I am very happy to share with you one of our latest achievements in the field of health,” wrote Mr. Yu.

Working with reputable medical institutes consistently since 2013, the Huawei Health project. Additionally, Huawei has advanced the state of blood sugar health. Anyone is welcome to participate in the study project and try out the newest smartwatch with the ability to detect high blood sugar levels.

Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro and Mate 30 Pro
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According to information on the subject, the high blood sugar risk assessment study backed by the Huawei Watch 4 series is based on the analysis of more than 800,000 pieces of blood sugar data and 100,000+ hours of monitoring.

Heart rate, pulse wave properties, and other monitoring-related elements are included in this data standard. These are self-similar and assisted in developing an algorithm for analyzing hyperglycemia to determine the risk of developing the condition.

Current Info:

“Huawei hopes to use smarter products and more professional health research to help everyone maintain the first line of defense in health.” Mr. Yu Concluded.

The product is not a medical equipment, and the measurement data and results are merely for reference, not as a basis for diagnosis and treatment, according to the image supplied by Huawei CEO. This is a standard warning stated on all health-related smartwatches currently on sale.

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Next, this function requires users to participate in a professional medical institution-sponsored study on blood sugar health. Type I diabetes, gestational diabetes, and other unique types of diabetes are not permitted for users under the age of 18.

The feature with the name “hyperglycemia risk assessment” is present in the watch result UI. The risk level descriptor, such as “medium risk,” is another. The risk indicators are listed below, including:

  • Short-term blood sugar fluctuations

At this risk level, the monitor also offers advice on things to avoid, such as the statement that “excessive consumption of high-sugar, high-oil, and high-fat diets may lead to increased risk of high blood sugar.”

The “Start a new round of evaluation” button at the bottom gives the user the opportunity to restart an evaluation at any time.

Apple lags behind:

Huawei Watch
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The Huawei Watch 4 series will be the first wristwatch to include a blood sugar monitoring feature as a result. Apple is also working on improving blood sugar measuring technologies, but it is not keeping up. Furthermore, the US tech manufacturer hasn’t made any announcements in this regard. Previous rumors indicate that it might take Apple a few years to execute this.


As you can see, Huawei will gather user information over time in order to determine the state of the user’s blood sugar. This will be a brand-new, non-intrusive method of giving information, and it heavily depends on hardware and software developments.

For China Only:

The Huawei Watch 4 series was made available to consumers worldwide last week, however the firm has not yet made this function public. This indicates that the business has temporarily restricted this feature to the Chinese market.

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The Huawei Watch 4 series will be improved to include a better blood sugar measurement capability, and the firm is now in the research phase and will take customer feedback into consideration. So, it seems sense that availability is limited.

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