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iPhone Magnetic Filter System Uses Apple’s Magsafe

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iPhone Magnetic Filter System Uses Apple’s Magsafe-GadgetAny
iPhone Magnetic Filter System

YouTuber Mediastorm, the founder of the company Pan’s Scheme, developed a new lens filter lineup called the Pan’s iPhone Magnetic Filter System. In addition, the filters would be easy to attach to any recent iPhone model due to MagSafe. 

Details on the iPhone Magnetic Filter System  

The new system comes with two parts – a base and a filter. The base magnetically snaps onto the back of a compatible iPhone. And the filter mounts onto the base. Currently, the design of the iPhone Magnetic Filter System should be compatible with iPhone 12 and 13 models. In addition, Pan’s Scheme filters might also probably be compatible with the upcoming iPhone 14 models, which might launch sometime in the next month. However, these newer models must have the same lens module as their predecessors. 

iPhone Magnetic Filter System  


Furthermore, Pan’s Scheme will offer five filter types – ND Filter Bundle, Black Mist, Cross-star, Blue Streak, and Gold Streak. Interestingly, these filters work with all three rear lenses of the iPhone. They cover the whole array instead of blocking the lenses like external lenses or clamp filters. Thus, users can easily switch between lenses and get the same effect. Besides, there is nothing to adjust, so they can just take their shot after switching. 

Moreover, the company claims that further testing will ensure that users don’t have to deal with ghosting or other unwanted effects when using the iPhone Magnetic Filter System. In addition, the filters work with both still images and video capture. For instance, the ND Filter Bundle has four filters that mimic multiple f-stops to adapt to different exposures. Also, the Blue and Gold Streak filters come with two filters each for shooting in both portrait and landscape. 

What’s More

On another note, Pan’s Scheme system isn’t unique. However, the company’s implementation of the iPhone Magnetic Filter System is way more seamless than others. For instance, NiSi (another company that produces filters) recently released a set of iPhone filters with a design similar to that of full-size camera filters. But, unfortunately, they don’t mount on the iPhone as seamlessly as Pan’s Scheme’s filters. 

iPhone Magnetic Filter System


Most importantly, the renders and images show that the filters fit best when a case doesn’t cover the iPhone. Thus, whether the iPhone Magnetic Filter System will work with cases is unclear. Lastly, Pan’s Scheme disclosed that they would launch a Kickstarter campaign for the new filters on September 6, 2022. Thus, officially launching the products. However, they did not reveal their plans regarding retail availability for the longer term. 

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