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‘It’s Your House Not His’- Internet Praises Teen Asking Stepdad to Pay Rent

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A 17-year-old boy's stepfather had told him to financially support the family if he wanted to continue staying with them after turning 18. However, the teen's response turned the table around for him. The teen shared on Reddit a post that stated that his stepdad had recently found that the teen's late father had left their house to him instead of his mom. The post shared on the "Am I The A**hole" forum under the handle Pla3694DL received over 12,000 votes and almost 2,000 comments. Studies show that young adults need to contribute to their house's financial requirements. In 2019, Loughborough University and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, UK, researchers evaluated that young adults must contribute a minimum of £100 ($120 in the US) per month to live with their parents at home. nternet Backs Teen Asking Stepdad to Pay Rent   The study found that parents spend an average of over £15.86 a week (close to $20) on food expenses. Also, heating and electricity costs are a good £4.78 a week ($5 in the US). However, researchers found that despite paying for these requirements, these teenagers were financially better off than their friends who lived in rented or shared housing. The 17-year-old teenager, who later deleted his Reddit post, was unhappy with his stepdad's proposal. He explained, "The house we currently live in belonged to my dad, who died when I was 6. My mom and dad were never married, and I inherited the house, and my mom and I lived here, and then my stepfather moved in after they got married." internet Backs Teen Asking Stepdad to Pay Rent   He further said, "He laughed at me and didn't believe it. I talked to my mom, and she confirmed that she never told him that I own the house. He now knows the truth." So the teen put a proposal for his stepdad, "He believed it was completely fair to ask me to pay rent when he didn't know I own the house. So it's only fair that I ask him to pay me rent now." He asked his mom and stepdad to start paying rent to him after he turned 18 causing a complete turnaround of his stepfather's proposal. His stepdad responded by calling him "unfair" and "heartless" and claimed that his previous suggestion implied the teen to "gain independence" and develop his "adult life." He explained, "I told him that if I need to pay rent to learn to be an adult, then what does that make him, living here rent-free?" Internet Backs Teen Asking Stepdad to Pay Rent   Although his mom and stepdad criticized his action, many social media users applauded, feeling that the teen was right to react. For example, Academic_Snow_7680 asserted that the "stepfather intended to use rent to kick him out of the house or to get rich off of his wife's property." RndmIntrntStranger said, "It's your house, not his. Don't let him stay rent-free in your home when he was going to make you pay for the privilege of living in a home you own."

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