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Jeffrey Dahmer- neighbours allege that he had a "intense fascination" in dead animals at a young age.

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According to reports from his neighbours, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, had a fascination with violence and murder since he was a young boy. According to stories, Dahmer was a little child when his family moved to Ohio from Wisconsin, and soon after they settled there, pets in the area started going missing. According to children who lived close to the criminal's home, Dahmer had a "intense fascination" in dead animals. He became so fixated on them that he would travel roadways in search of "hogs, chipmunks, and other wildlife that had been run over." There were multiple instances of missing cats and dogs while Dahmer lived nearby, according to The Sun. He would gather these animals, dismember them, separate them by body parts, and store them in jars, according to a neighbour who spoke with Arizona Republic in 1991. The cottage was filled with countless amounts of animal parts and fragments in jars. He also appeared to find the decomposition fascinating. Jim Klippel, a different neighbour, remembered the incident in which Dahmer was just 15 years old and he and his girlfriend witnessed a dog's head impaled in a stick. He said, "There had been 13 smaller fires around a large fire that had been about 100 yards away. We were terrified because it had the appearance of a cult. Dahmer was so preoccupied with all of those things, according to Eric Tyson, who also lived close to his home, that he had an animal cemetery nearby. Tyson stated that "a number of neighbours remembered seeing animals, like frogs and kittens, impaled or staked to tree." But in addition to the neighbours, it is also claimed that Dahmer's family was aware of his mental instability. Even after moving in with his paternal grandmother in Milwaukee during his early 20s, he continued to work since his grandmother had once told his father that the garage was emitting an odd scent. When challenged, the sex offender allegedly claimed, "I just had too much time on my hands and I just wanted to test what chemicals would decompose the chicken I bought," to which his father reportedly responded, "God, Jeff, this is crazy. This is strange. These facts were revealed on September 21, the day when Netflix released "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story 2022." People have shared their opinions about the documentary on social media, which has generated a lot of interest. A user wrote, "The criminal series Dahmer, about a true story of the killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who horrified the world with the force of his atrocities, achieved 196.2 million views in a week of its premiere on Netflix, and is regarded one of the largest openers of the network" Another user shared, “Before watch don't eat anything please?.” “Those who glorify Jeffrey Dahmer and do not give a fck abt the victims are like those who deny killings during Marcos' martial law happened. PSYCHO,” the third one wrote and the fourth one added, “ppl are now considering dressing up as jeffrey dahmer for halloween….. that series was the worst thing that could’ve happened.”

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