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Lenovo Unveils Project Crystal

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Envision a laptop that serves as both a tool and a portal to the future. Lenovo's Project Crystal, which was introduced at the Mobile World Congress is the world's first translucent laptop prototype. Project Crystal offers an incredible transparent screen and a keyboard that almost seems to disappear, providing a glimpse into a future when technology coexists peacefully with the environment.  While not as invisible as Wonder Woman's plane, Project Crystal boasts a fascinating 55% transparent screen made from a special micro-LED panel sandwiched between two layers of Gorilla Glass. This translucent futuristic display is reminiscent of Samsung's CES 2024 show, producing remarkably vibrant and sharp graphics. Thanks to the integrated back camera and Intel AI, Project Crystal delivers an amazing visual experience, whether you're captivated by the fascinating dance of AR butterflies or the looping video of a goldfish. Project Crystal reinvents teamwork. Colleagues can view a mirrored version of your work by merely peeking at the back of your laptop, saving you the awkward step of flipping it over to share your screen. This promotes openness and does away with the necessity for cumbersome screen-sharing techniques. Lenovo Project Crystal There is still more innovation to come. Exciting augmented reality experiences are made possible by the power of AI and Project Crystal's rear camera. Consider a botanist examining flowers. By setting up a laptop on a desk, Project Crystal can create an incredibly lifelike experience by projecting an augmented reality butterfly hovering amid the actual flowers. Project Crystal is only getting started. The present prototype is big, has no keyboard feedback, and has a resolution of 720p, which Lenovo plans to raise to 2K or 3K while keeping transparency. An optional opacity layer is being developed to address privacy concerns as well. Project Crystal demonstrates Lenovo's inventiveness and pushes the limits of what a laptop can be. Project Crystal offers a look into a future where technology coexists peacefully with the natural world, promoting cooperation and providing unprecedented immersive experiences, even though it might not be commercially available very soon.

By Monica Green

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