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LG Introduces AI Voice Control for Vehicles - Teams up With Soundhound

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LG and SoundHound team up to introduce new AI voice control helping users to drive vehicles, arrange parking, order food, pay for gas, etc., hands-free. LG's in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system is integrated with SoundHound's voice recognition technology to allow vehicle drivers to control their vehicle functions using voice or language commands. In addition, they have developed an advanced AI voice command system to allow interactive voice controls in vehicles. Although not recent, voice recognition in automobiles is still considered a luxury add-on for select vehicles. However, LG has decided to introduce this technology to the common masses by adding advanced features suitable for the user's needs. LG voice control will work similar to Alexa or Siri. Just like you command your voice assistant to play your Bluetooth music player or switch on the lights, vehicle riders can command the new system to drive, park, pay for gas, or order food from your nearby restaurant while driving. It uses a built-in microphone and display to perform the function effectively. AI Voice Control for Vehicles Drivers use natural language commands to control their self-driving cars and stay hands-free while keeping their eyes on the road. LG lets us know how this technology can help people order food from inside their vehicles, change their cabin temperature or adjust AC settings, pay for a gas refill, roll their car windows up and down, and many other functions. Moreover, these functions would operate when you keep your hands on your steering wheel and your eyes on the road while driving. All this is done without taking your hands off the steering or eyes off the road and simply make talk to your device to make voice commands. Additionally, plenty of preset and enhanced voice commands can help drivers chat with their friends, make online purchases, and have an enjoyable riding experience. Eun Seok-Hyun, the President of LG Vehicle component Solutions (VS), informed in a statement, "We look forward to providing new in-vehicle experiences through seamlessly integrating (SoundHound's) voice AI platform with our latest IVI system architecture. This partnership will allow us to better meet the needs of our auto industry customers and create innovative solutions that will help the future of mobility." Keyvan Mohajer, president and CEO of SoundHound, said, "Our agreement with LG will allow auto manufacturers of all sizes to deliver the kind of voice-enabled infotainment experience that users have come to expect in every part of their lives." We don't know how long SounHound will take to merge the voice technology into in-vehicle infotainment systems. The company has also not announced which vehicles would fit in this advanced technology. Keyvan Mohajer founded SoundHound, famously known as a song identification app, in 2005 in Santa Clara. The company develops voice recognition and natural language understanding technologies, including voice, AI developer platform Houndify and voice-enabled digital assistant Hound, and is a rival of Shazam.

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