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MicroLED display from either LG or Samsung is anticipated for the Apple Watch Ultra replacement

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Photo Credit: WIRED According to reports, Apple wants to start releasing devices in 2024 with an update to bespoke microLED panels. The Cupertino company has reportedly had to solicit the assistance of Samsung and LG in order to move beyond OLED in the near future because real life has interfered with their plans. The next-generation Watch Ultra is still expected to serve as the starting point for the purported upgrade. The first-ever Apple mobile device with a microLED display is expected to debut as a future Apple Watch, potentially even a second-gen Watch Ultra. Additionally, because the purported new screen was produced internally by the device's own maker, just like the device's exclusive S-series chipset, it might be touted as the best screen available for it. Watch - Apple (台灣) Photo Credit: Apple To the possible dismay of firms like Samsung and LG, who would have gone from suppliers to competitors in one fell swoop, this speculated in-house wristwatch display was previously heralded as Apple's initial assault on the display market. But it now appears that Apple is experiencing more difficulty than it would like with these supposed intentions. The Cupertino-based behemoth is finding the process of becoming a display-maker so difficult that it will depend on LG and Samsung for at least 60% of its screen-sourcing needs for the foreseeable future, according to South Korea's Institute for Information & Communications Technology Promotion (or IITP).

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Additionally, it appears that Apple may be finding the transition from miniLED to OLED to be more expensive than it had anticipated. As a result, it has reportedly decided to push back the debut of its first microLED gadget until 2025. Even yet, a Watch Ultra with such an upgrade is unlikely to be inexpensive in any sense as it is still available for US$799 through certain retailers.

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