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Microsoft Bing chat is now accessible on Chrome and Safari mobile

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Microsoft Bing chat is now accessible on Chrome and Safari mobile-GadgetAny
Microsoft Bing chat

Image credit : Search Engine Journal

Microsoft made a clear and straightforward announcement about its intentions to integrate AI capabilities into all of its existing products. Recently, the company revealed that its Bing Chat AI chatbot, previously available on the Edge mobile browser, standalone Android and iOS apps, will now be accessible on third-party browsers like Safari and Chrome.

This update coincides with the six-month mark of Bing Chat’s public release. During this period, users have engaged in over a billion conversations with the AI, resulting in the generation of around three-quarters of a billion images.

The company’s statement emphasizes that this advancement enables Bing to demonstrate the significant value of providing summarized answers, image creation, and more to a broader audience. However, specific features like “longer conversations” and “chat history” will remain exclusive to Edge mobile.

Image credit : Reddit

Microsoft initially began extending access to Bing Chat in late July, introducing it to third-party desktop browsers. This version comes with some limitations, such as providing 2,000 words per prompt on Chrome and Safari, as opposed to the 4,000 words available on Edge.

Bing Chat operates using ChatGPT-4 technology developed by OpenAI, but it offers more current information compared to the underlying system. This is made possible by Bing Chat’s integration with Bing Search, granting it access to information about events that have occurred since the model’s training.

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Alongside the third-party browser compatibility, the latest Bing Chat version introduces multimodal search capabilities, enabling users to upload images and receive AI-generated responses to specific queries about the contents of those images. Additionally, a dark mode has been introduced for late-night interactions with the AI.

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