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Mid-Band 5G to Go Waste Without Licenced 6GHZ Frequencies

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Mid-Band 5G to Go Waste Without Licenced 6GHZ Frequencies-GadgetAny

In most markets, 6GHz is the enormous mid-block spectrum that can be licensed with massive potential for 5G.

GSMA, the global mobile body, has warned that mid-band 5g could go waste if the regulators do not get the license 6GHz for operators. It is estimated that by 2030, 6GHz networks will hit $610 billion.

Luciana Camargos, Head of Spectrum, stated, “6 GHz is crucial for 5G expansion in many countries. Without it, operators will often struggle to meet the predicted average of 2 GHz of mid-band spectrum needed for 5G, impacting service quality, ”Countries may, in consequence, lose out on the full societal and economic benefits of investment in modern 5G networks.”


Midband is a medium that offers a range of low band frequencies along with the characteristics of high band capacity and penetration within. GSMA stated that two-fifths of the 5G benefits could go waste without an authorized license from the regulators to the operators.

5G offers a much broader spectrum than its predecessors allowing the regulators to choose from low, mid, and high band airwaves that provide a fusion of capacity and range. Plenty of industries are competing to get hold of the spectrum as it is a limited resource. Channels being adjacent to each other in a contiguous spectrum, the need for network densification could reduce cost and speed up the deployment. 

With the upcoming event, the 2023 World Radiocommunications Conference, GSMA has called for regulators to assign the 700 MHz and the 1200 MHz of 6GHz spectrum for the mobile operators.

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