Mixed Reality Classroom in Metaverse to Inaugurate in Hong Kong University

In Hongkong and Guangzhou, MetaHKUST plans to create a learning environment that connects the two campuses.

The Hongkong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) announced to host the launch party of the virtual reality classroom on Metaverse on September 1. With this launch, the HKUST will also commence promoting immersive learning. MetaHKUST will be a virtual campus for education. 

An academic from HKUST has told South China Morning Post that this launch represents the campus opening in the city of Guanzhou. Pan Hui, chair professor of computational media and arts, said, “A lot of guests might be overseas and can’t attend [the opening], so we will host it in the metaverse.”

mixed reality classroom in Metaverse

Meta HKUST plans to create a learning environment that virtually connects two campuses. HKUST wishes to help to overcome geographical constraints during their studies. During Covid, when the globe moved to Zoom and other video class alternatives, Hui believed that learning in the Metaverse to be a better option for students as it promotes a greater level of interaction, adding:

‘’“Through virtual reality, you can feel as if you’re there. How you interact with students around you will increase your learning outcome.”

Despite the nascency of the technology, Wang Yang, vice president for institutional advancement at HKUST, said the Metaverse was “here to stay.”

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