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Motorola Razr 2022 Clamshell Foldable Smartphone- What We Know So Far?

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Motorola Razr 2022 Clamshell Foldable Smartphone- What We Know So Far?-GadgetAny

The latest Motorola Razr 2022 is the world’s first 144Hz Clamshell Foldable Smartphone, which will soon release in August. This upgraded smartphone includes new aspects better than its predecessor.

In August, Motorola will launch its new 2022 version of the Razr Clamshell Foldable Smartphone. According to the OEM, the phone, when released, could have its category’s highest refresh rate display. In addition, some of its best features mentioned by its OEM are the improved version of its predecessor and can even supersede the Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphone model’s features.

The OEM describes the smartphone on its page on Lenovo’s Chinese e-commerce portal. The page post previews the new Razr mobile phone and confirms it will stay in the limelight more than the Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphone. Its 6.7-inch OLED screen is similar to the Motorola Edge 30 Pro display.

Motorola Razr 2022

The forthcoming much-talked-about Razr comes with a refresh rate of 144Hz, that’s innovative for a foldable smartphone device. This feature makes Razr 2022 more significant than its predecessors, the Samsung Galaxy Flip3 and probably the Flip4.  

Moreover, Motorola asserts that they have even made additional display features adding value to the ultra-fast screen. They include the HDR10 plus, 10-bit color, DC dimming, and SGS-certified eye care features. Razr 2022 will be the world’s first foldable phone to offer the Snapdragon 8plus Gen 1 SoC processor. It offers outstanding function and good competition to its counterpart, the Edge X30 Pro, which has the world’s first camera system. Motorola’s latest teaser indicates that Razr’s 2022 edition phone has industry-leading specifications.

Although not a significant change, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 is Motorola’s huge jump as its previous foldable phones have used mid-range chips like Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G. The new chip is an excellent upgrade that will enhance Motorola Razr’s performance. In addition, a flagship-grade chip enables camera upgrades and software updates to take this mobile’s performance to the highest level.  

Motorola Razr 2022


Motorola smartphones usually have a single rear camera on all their foldable phones. The 48-megapixel rear camera of the Razr 5G offers incredible picture quality. However, its lens versatility does not match its market price of $1400.

Motorola’s General Manager, Chen Jin, announced on Weibo that they canceled their new smartphone’s launch event at the last minute “for some reason.” However, he said, “we still sincerely hope to bring the new moto products to everyone, and still be the moto that Chinese users like.” 

He apologized, saying, “We are deeply sorry for this. Thank you for your enthusiastic support for the new product of moto. For information about the new product, you can continue to pay attention to the official moto information platform.” 

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