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Now Get Detailed Air Quality Info on Google Search

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Now Get Detailed Air Quality Info on Google Search-GadgetAny
Air Quality Info on Google Search

Last year, Google started displaying air quality (AQI) data to Nest Hub and other Smart Display users. Additionally, Google offers users detailed AQI (air quality index) via Google Search. Interestingly, Google first launched the feature in India last November. 

Moreover, searching air quality in the United States results in an identically named card. In addition, users can even look up the air quality data specifically for a particular city in Google Search. The data regarding the air quality information comes from “airnow.gov” and “PurpleAir” for users in the US. Then, users can select the location they wish to gain the data about from “Choose area” with key locations offered. 

Furthermore, a map shows available weather stations in the area with color-coded pins. Additionally, the map follows the light or dark mode of the phone settings. Also, below the map is an explanation of the US AQI and a list of the stations. Plus, clicking each entry will display what health conditions are when it was last updated, and the specific provider.  

Air Quality Info on Google Search

Unfortunately, the feature may not include an adequate number of stations. Hence, users can enable “include air sensors” in this new Google Search feature. However, Google warns that the “sensor data may have unknown performance and inaccuracies.” Plus, users would be unable to zoom in on the map, relying on the dot colors instead. 


On another note, the feature relies on local partners for AQI in India. In any case, the new feature offering air quality data in Google Search seems to be recent in the US. In addition, it works on both the mobile and desktop web and in Google apps on Android and iOS. Lastly, the feature is significantly useful after Google Weather stopped providing air quality data in 2018. Additionally, it makes one wonder if AQI merging with the Weather app on Android would come next.

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