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Now make video calls on Meta using a cartoon avatar

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Now make video calls on Meta using a cartoon avatar-GadgetAny
Meta cartoon avatar video calls

Image credit : FoneArena.com

Unless you’re seeing a baby for the first time or something, it’s no secret that few people truly enjoy video calling. Who wants to run a comb through their hair simply to take a call? Our prayers have been heard, as Meta has provided a set of technologies that enable the use of animated avatars during video conferences.

meta_avatar video calls
Image credit : Neowin

This is positioned by the corporation as the “third option” between audio-only calls and full video calls. You can take part in video conversations, but since only your avatar will be visible to the other participants, you are free to wear a luxurious face mask or to lie in the filth of an unclean flat if you like. Users of Instagram and Messenger can now access the feature.

Meta cartoon avatar video calls
Image credit : Meta

After recently declaring that users have created more than a billion of the little cartoon scamps, Meta has been steadily drawing attention to its avatar-creation tool. With the avatar maker, you may create a nearly accurate digital replica of your face and body. The technique was first developed for use in VR applications, but it is now used with devices like smartphones.

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You can add some legs to your virtual self using the avatar maker, but they won’t appear during video conversations (sorry, digital foot fetishists). More realistic and detailed animations are on the way, according to Meta, which claims to be always trying to enhance the avatar creation system. Additionally, there is no requirement that your digital persona resemble you, so feel free to make video calls to your buddies as a talking llama.

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