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Now Quickly Edit Multiple Photos at Once on Your iPhone

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iOS 16 allows you to edit multiple photos at once You won't require third-party photo apps unless you are a photography professional. Apple always has provided a robust image editor on its phones and tablets that allows you to do the required edits like a contrast to white balance. In iOS 16, Apple provides a feature usually used for pro image editing apps: the ability to apply modifications to multiple photos with one click. This feature allows you to shortlist the edits from one photo and then apply them to a batch of photos. This feature will be helpful when you are trying to edit images from a particular trip or shoot. You might have to make extra efforts to find it in your iPhone. Please note that this feature is only available in iOS 16, which is currently in Beta mode. The release is scheduled for fall 2022.  Edit Multiple Photos on Your iPhone To use this feature, select an image, tap on the Edit button to get an edit mode, make the necessary edits you want to make, and tap Done to save the modification. Once you have edited the image, tap on the three dots menu button from the top toolbar, and choose Copy Edits from the list. Now your phone with paste the edits on the clipboard. Select the album to which you want to paste edits and tap the Select button from the top. If there are multiple photos to paste the edits to, you may select all images at once and then paste the improvement on all of them by going through the same procedure. A small box at the bottom of the screen will show you the progress of the edit. This process will take a few seconds. If you don't like the amendment, you may go to the three-dotted Menu button again and tap on Revert to Original. So, here is how this feature works in iOS 16.

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