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One of the most pristine condition Apple smartphones ever sold, a sealed iPhone sells for over $63,000 at auction

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One of the most pristine condition Apple smartphones ever sold, a sealed iPhone sells for over $63,000 at auction-GadgetAny

In any case, a sealed original iPhone that was first released in 2007 was recently auctioned off and sold for a record-breaking price, bringing in over $63,000 for its pristine condition—one of the highest bids ever for this particular smartphone.

It is the iPhone in all its previous splendor because the box and plastic wrap were left on for nearly 20 years, keeping all the memories from when Steve Jobs first unveiled the device to the public.

An original iPhone from the first generation, which was released in 2007, that was in one of the best condition possible recently sold at auction for a staggering $63,000 at LCG Auctions.

The smartphone is only valued at $599 on its initial release, and since its introduction to the public 16 years ago by Steve Jobs, this antique has sold for more than 10 times its original price.

Sealed Original iPhone Sells for Over $63,000 at Auction - MacRumors
Image credit – MacRumors

One of the main causes of its high selling price is that there are no longer any iPhones of this type on the market. It is also kept in its original state, including the plastic seals that were still in place when it was sold.

According to a report, the iPhone’s first owner left the box and seals intact in 2007 because it was an AT&T exclusive and was not opened.

Now that it has increased to more than ten times its original value, the prior owner has won.

This is one of the most immaculately preserved pieces of Apple memorabilia ever sold, and it came with the full device’s box. Also, this sets a new record price for a brand-new, unopened original first-generation iPhone that is being offered at auctions to potential purchasers.

First generation iPhone sells for over $63,000 at auction
Image credit- UNILAD

Apple Relics up for Auction
As the items created by Apple’s late founder and creator, Steve Jobs, who gave the corporation its enormous reputation, they are among the most well-known items sold at auction.

An original, sealed iPhone was also sold in a prior auction for a stunning $35,000, which is less than twice the price it fetched today.

For much to $25,000, it was sold with a sealed original iPod that still had its renowned control buttons and was kept in excellent condition. The Apple-1 prototype, which debuted Apple’s computer development and served as the iMac’s forerunner, was also allegedly developed by Steve Jobs. At the auction, this item fetched more than $700,000.

Apple currently offers a wide variety of items for sale at retail pricing, but older models, those with a richer backstory and more years under their belt, are now available for thousands of dollars on the auction market.

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There are many reasons for buyers to purchase these artefacts, and whatever they may be, doing so helps to conserve the earlier innovations that helped to improve the world, such as the 2007 first iPhone.

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