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Oxa: Real-Time Biofeedback Wearable for Breathing

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Oxa: Real-Time Biofeedback Wearable for Breathing-GadgetAny
Oxa Breathing Wearable

On Kickstarter, the Oxa breathing wearable is raising money.

On Kickstarter, there is a real-time biofeedback wearable for breathing called Oxa. For its Oxa breathing wearable, which it calls a first in the world, Nanoleq is presently raising money on Kickstarter. The device can offer real-time information on health measures including the depth and rate of your breathing. The companion app allows you to practice breathing exercises that could eventually enhance your health and wellbeing.

On Kickstarter, the Oxa breathing wearable is raising money. The device’s maker, Nanoleq, says that it is the first wearable exclusively focused on breathing, enabling you to comprehend how breathing affects your body and mind. Oxa can offer real-time biometric insights on a variety of statistics, including your breathing rate and depth, heart rate, and HRV. Additionally, you can use the device at night to monitor your quality of sleep.

 Oxa Breathing Wearable
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The wearable can take measures thanks to the Oxa Sensor, which is hooked onto a bra or shirt manufactured especially for the purpose. The business has implemented gamification to instruct consumers on how to improve their breathing. With the option to add visual cues or soundscapes for deeper relaxation, the companion app gives you access to guided activities that are customized to your preferences. According to Nanoleq, you will eventually experience less tension and have better concentration.

Right now, you may get the Oxa breathing wearable by contributing €239 to the Kickstarter campaign. The Oxa Shirt, Oxa Sensor, and access to the Oxa Life app are all included in this smallest donation level. Delivery dates for the company’s various destinations, including the US, Australia, and the UK, are in March.

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