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Phill Robot: World’s 1st AI-Powered Massage Robot For A Personalized Massage Experience

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Image credit : Know Techie Phillonlabs has introduced the 'Phill' massager robot, an advanced therapy solution designed for athletes and active individuals looking for daily massage benefits in the comfort of their own home. This high-tech system is ingeniously accommodated within a bedside table-like unit, conveniently operated using a smartphone app. Users have the freedom to select from a variety of treatment options, as the AI-controlled  technology ensures a personalized massage experience suited to individual needs. With its excellent 35-inch arm, Phill effortlessly extends over the user when they're lying in bed, delivering 15 pounds of pressure for quick tension relief. The system offers versatile interchangeable heads, including a massage ball, wave head, and even a back scratcher, catering to various preferences and providing seamless massage experiences. [caption id="attachment_180828" align="aligncenter" width="1800"]Phill Massage Robot Image credit : Philon[/caption] It something more surprising to offer as Phill elevates personalized massage to new heights. Due to its advanced artificial intelligence, Phill learns and adapts to your massage preferences, delivering unrivalled recommendations with each session. Bid farewell to generic massages and embrace a new era of ideal comfort & relaxation. Phill, the top-notch massage robot, offers an expansive range of 35 inches, exerts a massage force of 15 pounds, and operates under the control of artificial intelligence. [caption id="attachment_180829" align="aligncenter" width="667"]Phil robot Image credit : NotebookCheck.com[/caption] It’s the only massage robot in the market powered by Artificial Intelligence. Phill offers an extensive selection of massage patterns designed to enhance your relaxation experience to new heights. Also read : Mother Bracelet : World’s First Self-charging Fitness Tracker By seamlessly integrating high-quality sensors, robust motors, and microcontrollers, Phill ensures a noiseless, accurate, and seamless massage session.

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