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Review of the Motorola Razr Plus: A Good Choice!

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(Image credit- Tech Radar) The Motorola Razr Plus is the first folding phone that actually gets you amped up about the future. It's a good smartphone right now, but it's not nearly as mainstream-ready as Motorola would have you believe. But the Razr Plus will be a great investment for a certain kind of tech-inclined person prepared to try something new. The 3.6-inch outside display is one characteristic that makes the Razr Plus experience unique. It is larger than anything currently available on a flip-style foldable; in fact, it is larger than the original iPhone's screen. It is a display, period. It is not just a check-your-notifications display. With the exception of the outside display, using the Razr Plus is a fully average flagship phone experience. Motorola should consider this a win. Also, it costs $999, which is significantly less expensive than the two phones that came before it. Motorola killed the Razr's most iconic feature — and I'm glad | Digital Trends

Unique Design with Ample Features

A typical slab-style phone can still provide more features for a grand, but the Razr Plus doesn't significantly sacrifice performance or battery life. It's simple to forget you're using a different kind of phone while using the main 6.9-inch screen unless someone observes you folding it in half and inquires about it. Nevertheless, the Razr Plus isn't quite prepared for the general public. It's better suited for someone who doesn't mind having to play about with the cover screen a little bit to make it do what they want. A stray bug or two will be there, which is to be expected on a device of this complexity. Long-term durability is also still up in the air; the Razr Plus is quite literally designed differently from most other $1,000 smartphones, which have significantly stronger IP68 ratings for dust- and water resistance. The cover screen, of course, is the Razr Plus' biggest draw and the ideal spot to begin discussing it. A small number of pixels prevent the OLED display from being square. The front panel's sides and bottom are curved, but the display ends well before these curves, thus I had no issues with inadvertent touches. You have a home screen with shortcuts to a number of full-screen "panels," which you can touch on or swipe between, as well as notifications, the time, and other information. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2400"]The 2023 Motorola Razr Plus and Motorola Razr are official - The Verge Image credit- The Verge[/caption]

Check the Calendar Panel

You can tap an icon in the upper right to change the view to either a daily or monthly view, but nothing occurs if you tap the events listed in your calendar. The Spotify panel is intended to help you quickly access one of your recent listens or control your music, although it can be a little erratic. The apps panel is the hub of activity because there aren't many other panels to pick from. You can start entire apps from the cover screen at this point, no matter what the implications. Motorola is unusual in having a huge cover screen on a folding flip phone. The Oppo Find N2 also boasts a respectably sized outside display with a 3.26-inch diagonal, which is less than the Razr Plus but appears to be of a reasonable size. However, Motorola might face additional rivals in the near future. Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Z Flip is anticipated to get a larger outside screen and could make its debut at the company's Unpacked presentation next month. Also read: Motorola Razr 4.0 Ultra Specs Leak: Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 and More  

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