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ROBOTIS GAEMI Indoor Service Robot Can Deliver Goods In Residential Complexes & Offices

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Image credit : ROBOTIS Via YouTube ROBOTIS, a company specializing in autonomous delivery robotics, has introduced the latest iteration of its GAEMI indoor autonomous robot platform. The updated version of the indoor autonomous robot, called 'GAEMI,' offers enhanced performance in tasks such as operating elevators, scanning keycards, and knocking on doors, thanks to its integrated robot arm. This new generation of GAEMI focuses on providing customers with more options by offering various storage configurations, allowing clients to select the model that best suits their needs. [caption id="attachment_187753" align="aligncenter" width="1500"]ROBOTIS GAEMI Indoor Service Robot Image credit : ROBOTIS[/caption] The storage options available for the new GAEMI model include slide-out storage drawers, swing-door storage compartments, and an open tray compartment. This is a significant improvement compared to the previous GAEMI generation, which only had drawer-type storage and lacked flexibility. [caption id="attachment_187756" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]ROBOTIS GAEMI Indoor Service Robot Image credit : ROBOTIS[/caption] Notably, the swing-door model of GAEMI can individually open and close its four compartments, enabling multiple secure deliveries to take place simultaneously. The compartments can be further customized using removable partitions to accommodate payloads of different sizes. On the other hand, the tray model is specifically designed for foodservice or single-floor delivery operations. It has a higher payload capacity and does not include the integrated robot arm, allowing for a more streamlined service. Also read : PIGINet: MIT’s Household AI Robot’s Problem Solving Skill May Enhance By Up To 80% The external design of GAEMI has undergone significant changes as well. Unlike the previous model, which had an octagonal shape with an angled exterior finish, the new model boasts a rounded, curved finish that prioritizes guest safety. The styling has also been revamped, transitioning from a monochrome black and white color scheme to a clean white color with pastel blue accents, making it easier to identify.

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