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Rupert Grint revealed the "shady" way he had to sneak a memento from 'Harry Potter' set

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Rupert Grint knew exactly what he wanted as a keepsake to honor his famous role as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series. According to him in this week's issue of PEOPLE, "They were really strict. The last few days, there was security at the gates literally searching cars. But I did get away with the door number of Harry's house. I had to unscrew it. It was so shady." Furthermore, Grint, 34, who appears in the upcoming movie Knock at the Cabin  as well as the Apple TV+ series Servant, talked to PEOPLE for One Last Thing:

Last thing I learned about myself:

I think becoming a dad [to daughter Wednesday, 2] forces you to discover things, and now I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. Having a baby, you're worried about her at all times. Everything seems dangerous.

Last impulse buy:

I bought a full-size ostrich skeleton. It's 8 feet tall and came fully assembled, but it's so delicate. It's really stressful to have in your living room, especially when we've got a cat and Wednesday running around. Also read: ‘Harry Potter’ star Rupert Grint revealed that his 2-year-old daughter has her own set of Hogwarts robes [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Rupert Grint said his 'Last perfect day off' was in New York with partner Georgia and daughter Wednesday Image credit: Daily Mail Online[/caption]

Last perfect day off:

We had a good one in New York. Wednesday is really into the Eloise books, so [my partner Georgia and I] took her for tea at the Plaza. She had pink lemonade in a teacup, and she was fully dressed as Eloise.

Last time I danced:

Probably never. My body just doesn't work like that. The most I would do is nod my head. I did dance at the Reading [music] festival in 2011, but there was a lot of alcohol. I have a weird memory of my legs getting really into a song. I think. Lastly, Rupert Grint-starring Servant is presently available for streaming on Apple TV+ and Knock at the Cabin is now in theaters.

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