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Samsung Galaxy devices get Bing AI integration with built-in SwiftKey

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Samsung Galaxy devices get Bing AI integration with built-in SwiftKey-GadgetAny

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Recently, Bing AI was integrated into SwiftKey, giving users of the software keyboard instant access to Microsoft’s chatbot. However, the OpenAI-based search tool is currently being automatically installed on almost all current Samsung Galaxy devices, according to SamMobile.

You see, Samsung Galaxy devices make use of their own One UI Android launcher, which has a SwiftKey keyboard built right in. This indicates that Microsoft’s Bing AI is blatantly slipping into Galaxies. Microsoft intervened last week against customers who attempted to use Google’s Bard on Edge browser, a competitor.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the SwiftKey upgrade on Twitter and promised that Samsung users would receive the new version,, “in the next days.” Since mid-April, SwiftKey users have been receiving the new Bing AI feature, including on the recently updated iOS version.

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Of course, Galaxy users may bypass Bing AI by switching to Samsung’s primary and default Samsung Keyboard if they don’t want it to be integrated into their swiping keyboard. By heading to Settings > Languages and Input > On-Screen Keyboard on Android, you can switch between keyboards. However, even if you switch keyboards, Bing might still be around for Galaxy users to use. According to reports, Samsung is considering changing its $3 billion contract with Google to make Bing its new default search engine.

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