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Samsung lands into controversy over 'fake' Space Zoom moon shots

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A Reddit thread over the weekend caused a stir for placing Samsung in a precarious position. It claims that by exploiting its 100x Space Zoom capability to shoot "fake" moonshots, the corporation is deceiving its customers. When Samsung released the Galaxy S20 Ultra, they unveiled Space Zoom. The business has since promoted it as a fantastic instrument for photographing the moon. Samsung has often insisted that it employs AI to improve these 100x digital zoom pictures. According to a SamMobile article from 2021, the feature is a gimmick since Samsung adds textures to photos you shoot with the Space Zoom feature using data from far higher-resolution moon photographs. The identical claim is made in the most recent Reddit discussion. According to the Reddit user's testing, Samsung appears to utilize AI to enhance blurry moon images by adding textures like craters and other elements. The enhancement of the features in the image you initially clicked is not the result of extra processing. The moon photographs you snap with your Samsung phone can now include extra details thanks to a trained neural network that has been fed countless moon images. [caption id="attachment_110533" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Galaxy S23 Ultra Image credit : Samsung[/caption]

Another case of false advertising?

The article criticizes Samsung for its deceptive marketing. The Redditor provides a link to an MSPower article where the firm is reported as saying that the Galaxy S21 Ultra's 100x zoom feature collects several frames in a matter of seconds and uses AI to enhance the details. This gives the impression that the Space Zoom feature increases details already obtained by the Galaxy S21 Ultra's camera, which is contrary to recent statements and the older SamMobile article. Read also : A New Periscope Zoom Lens for the Apple iPhone 15 Ultra, Made by LG? In the MSPower post, Samsung goes on to clarify the following details about Space Zoom: ''AI will first start by detecting the scene/image at the preview stage by testing it from an AI model trained on hundreds of thousands images. Once the camera detects and identifies the image as a certain scene, for example, the Moon, then offers a detail enhancing function by reducing blurs and noises. The actual photo will typically be higher quality than the camera preview. This is due to the additional AI-based multi-image processing that occurs as the photo is captured.'' So, Redditors are annoyed with Samsung for not being transparent about adding textures and details where none exist, despite the fact that Samsung has been rather forthright about employing AI deep learning to provide high-quality moon images. However, Huawei has already been charged with not completely disclosing how its Moon Mode actually operates. According to user testing, the Huawei P30 was inserting previously captured moon pictures into its lunar shots. Samsung hasn't addressed the most recent accusations.

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