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Samsung's New PRO Ultimate Memory Cards: The Perfect Partner for Your High-End Camera

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(Image credit- TechRadar) Samsung introduced its newest flagship memory card, the Pro Ultimate series in order to meet the increasing need for storage, particularly for high-quality picture and video content. The Pro Ultimate memory cards from Samsung are designed to work with a variety of producers, from traditional DSLR users to modern drone and action camera enthusiasts. Furthermore, they are available in both microSD and full SD form factors. According to the reports, the most recent Samsung memory cards use a ground-breaking 28-nanometer design that boosts power efficiency so that devices may run longer on a single charge while performing better.

New High-Performance Cards

The Pro Ultimate series stands out for its exceptional read and write speeds. With read speeds of up to 200MB/s, the cards offer great performance and are ideal for processing demanding files like 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) and Full HD (FHD) films with Video Speed Class 30 (V30) compatibility. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1170"]zaklatás Széleskörű ellenáll samsung sd pro plus Tengerész fizikailag ráz Image credit- energyconnection.com.br[/caption] Basically, users who require quick transfers and effective content management will benefit from the Pro Ultimate microSD card's A2 Application Performance Class 2 (A2) support, which enables high-performance random read and write operations and multitasking. Samsung places significant importance on the dependability of the Pro Ultimate series. Long-term data storage is made possible by the cards' advanced Error Correction Code (ECC) engine and multi-proof security features. In addition, the Low-Density Parity Check (LDPC) algorithm of the ECC can be improved to boost card durability and write-and-erase cycles. The power efficiency of the Pro Ultimate series, which uses a 28-nanometer (nm) controller, is 37% higher than that of prior models utilizing a 55-nm controller. This development reduces heat output and lengthens the battery life of electronics. According to the reports, the Pro Ultimate SD card is compatible with a large number of devices, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, camcorders, PCs, and laptops, while a large number of devices, including action cameras and drones, are compatible with the microSD version of Samsung's most recent memory card. Hangu Sohn, the head of Samsung's Memory Brand Product Biz Team, emphasized the significance of satisfying the requirements of knowledgeable producers who work with high-resolution material. He claimed that the new Samsung Pro Ultimate series, which features multi-proof protection and better controller technology, fits these requirements. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Samsung unveils new PRO Ultimate memory cards with improved speed and reliability - Neowin Image credit- Neowin[/caption]

Cost and Availability

The Samsung Pro Ultimate memory cards can operate in temperatures ranging from -25°C to 85°C and have a five-meter drop-proof design, 10,000 swipe protection, X-ray and magnet safeguards, shock protection of up to 1,500kg, and 10,000 swipe protection. For its most recent series of memory cards, Samsung Newsroom published the manufacturer's suggested retail prices. Priced between $20.99 and $64.99, the PRO Ultimate microSD card comes in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB capacities. Costs for the 128GB and 512GB card-reader models are $28.99 and $72.99, respectively. According to the website, suggested prices for PRO Ultimate SD cards, which come in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB capacities, vary from $18.99 to $84.99. For those who have card readers, the costs are $26.99 for 64GB and $92.99 for 512 GB. Beginning today, anyone in the world can access the PRO Ultimate microSD card. However, the PRO Ultimate SD card will be available in October 2023. A ten-year limited warranty is also offered with the new Samsung Pro Ultimate memory cards. Also read: Samsung Introduces Innovative AI-Powered Food and Recipe Platform, Revolutionizing Culinary Experiences

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