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Scary AI Creatures Might Haunt Your Dreams

(Image Credit Google)
Advanced AI technology programs create frightening creatures with disturbing looks that can answer a few questions. Unfortunately, the evil-looking creatures can haunt your dreams. An artificial intelligence (AI) program has created spooky images of deformed monsters that look disturbing and answer the question, “What’s the scariest thing on Earth?” Scary AI Creatures   Craiyon AI, a popular site formerly known as DALL_E mini, designed these evocative images by collecting images based on keywords typed into a prompt. According to the Sun’s report,  Craiyon collected haunting images of creatures that looked identical to the dancing clown “Pennywise'' from the movie “It.” In addition, the AI image generator collected ghostly figures with insane-looking smiles and gloomy creatures that could resemble the horrifying “Mind Flayer” from the drama series “Stranger Things.” Finally, the AI gathered similar images of incredibly haunting figures and weird characters. Moreover, Craiyon has not made this eerie request for the first time. Scary AI Creatures   The AI has displayed characters that display people’s wildest fears, something that viewers would see at the point where they are dying. It has shown how Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse will look in the future. Craiyon has created frightening facial composites that would relate to a particular person. A favorite feature of the site is to ask sick, twisted questions about the future of humanity and inquire about the apocalypse. It shares them on its TikTok profile, known to viewers as “Robot Overlords.” With over 258,000 followers, the account posts haunting images on its page. Scary AI Creatures   The computer program was asked to deliver these haunting images based on the keywords people search for and fear, and it succeeded in doing so. The AI rendered these scary photos showing terrifying things on Earth. The spooky pictures represent people’s innermost fears and insecurities.

By Saloni Behl

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