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SimpliSafe’s New Security Camera Takes Home Security to the Next Level with AI and 24/7 Live Guard Protection

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SimpliSafe’s New Security Camera Takes Home Security to the Next Level with AI and 24/7 Live Guard Protection-GadgetAny

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SimpliSafe has unveiled a new small, wireless security camera that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to distinguish between thieves and pets.

There is a greater need for motion-detecting cameras since many individuals are placing more emphasis on home security. This is precisely why SimpliSafe is introducing its new Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera—with accompanying, but optional, “24/7 live guard protection.”

With the help of a SimpliSafe Base Station, you can use the compact wireless security camera on its own to monitor any area of your house you like by mounting it to a wall or placing it on a surface. It has a 2-way microphone, a digital zoom that extends to 10x, and a video capture resolution of up to 1536p.

SimpliSafe Home Security Review - CNET
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Smart Alarm Camera

The motion sensor that is integrated into the Smart Alarm camera also makes use of AI, according to SimpliSafe, so that it can more readily discriminate between human and animal activity.

Furthermore, the ability to distinguish between the two should considerably reduce false warnings, according to the manufacturer, as it can automatically sound an alarm to deter possible intruders.

Although not necessarily necessary for you to use the Smart Alarm camera, the service was considered when designing the product. A connected agent can examine the feed, evaluate the scenario, and record video when the camera notices the appropriate—or rather, “wrong”—kind of movement.

They can communicate with anyone who is close to the camera using the previously mentioned microphone, so they can give warnings or you may explain the situation if the alert was an error.

SimpliSafe launches a live guard protection feature for its smart security  system - The Verge
Image credit- The Verge

What’s More

This camera has a huge 140-degree field of view, which virtually eliminates blind areas. Additionally, at night, a motion-activated spotlight will turn on whenever someone enters its field of vision, making it impossible to evade detection.

Additionally, you may even zoom in 8x to notice crucial particulars from 15 feet away, like faces and vehicle plates.

Use the two-way audio of the camera to warn anyone who is lurking outside your house that it is time to go. Additionally, the siren embedded into your camera will sound whenever your burglary sensors do, alerting nearby residents and luring burglars out of their hiding places.

You can get alerts about important things rather than being bombarded with pointless notifications. To identify individuals from objects like moving vehicles, animals, and other distractions, neural network processing is used.

Additionally, you can designate specific activity zones on your property so that your camera only monitors the important areas.

Simply screw in the mount, then set your camera on top. A powerful magnet will hold the object firmly in place. Once connected to your security system, hit the button.

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