Spain Bans People Setting Acs Below 27 Degrees Celsius

Spain bans setting ACs below 27 degrees Celsius

As Europe is facing scorching heat and rising energy prices, Spain issued a ruling this week, requiring AC in public buildings to be set at or above 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit). The guideline will apply to offices, bars, shops, and restaurants, as well as public transport systems and transport centers.

Apart from that, Spain has also made it compulsory for all public buildings in its country to ensure that the doors of the buildings remain closed most of the time.

The recent development has taken place in light of its commitment to conserving energy as a country and also comes at a time when most European nations are experiencing intense heat in their current weather.

Spain bans setting ACs below 27 degrees Celsius

Due to the current weather conditions, Pedro Sánchez, the Prime Minister of Spain, has announced publicly that there is an immediate need for the country to conserve energy. He has even instructed office employees to remove their ties to help them remain cool without the assistance of artificial means.

Moreover, the new regulation is being implemented throughout all of Spain’s households in the form of a recommendation. The country is making efforts to resolve the dilemma of minimizing energy consumption in the most sustainable ways in the wake of the existing condition of citizens facing extreme heat due to climate change.

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