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You can Switch Off Instagram Feed Recommendations, See How

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Many users find the constant pop-up of recommendations on their Instagram feed pretty annoying. However, there's a way people can get out of it, and we'll tell you how - thanks to Adam Mosseri. 

How to turn off Instagram's feed suggested posts for a month

Mosseri (Instagram's CEO) "casually" mentioned users could turn off recommendations on Instagram's feed for 30 days in one of his Stories this week. Here's how - 
  • First, users must scroll through their main Instagram feed until they find a recommended post. Often, these posts come accompanied by explanations for why users see them. These "explanations" goes something like this - "because you watched a reel from (so and so fellow Instagram user)" or "because you follow (so and so user)."  
  • Then, users need to click the "X" at the upper right corner of that recommended post. 
  • After that, they will see a text confirming that a specific post has been hidden. (Note: This will only hide that particular post and not all recommended posts on the Instagram feed.)
  • So, from the options listed, users can choose "snooze all suggested posts in feed for 30 days" to keep their feed recommendations free for a month. 
  • Finally, a green checkmark confirms that users' Instagram feed wouldn't contain a single suggested post for 30 days. 
switch off Instagram feed recommendations Hence, users are now all set and free from recommended posts. However, they must note that this wouldn't stop Instagram's numerous in-feed advertisements from appearing on their feed. Nonetheless, the ability to turn off suggested posts, even for 30 days, gives users "some" greater control over their Instagram feed.  On another note, users must remember that they can also sort their feed chronologically. In addition, they can do so by tapping the Instagram logo in the upper left corner of their screens and choosing Following Besides, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that the company will increase content from recommended accounts users see while using Instagram and Facebook in 2023. Hence, these steps would surely be helpful to Instagram users (at least), even if only for a month. 

By Raulf Hernes

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