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T-Mobile's New Go5G Next: A Fresh Plan Allowing Yearly Phone Upgrades, Yet with a Twist

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(Image credit- T-Mobile) The Go5G Next is a new plan from T-Mobile that offers annual phone upgrades for $100 per month for an individual line. According to the reports, this service, which costs $90 per month with bi-annual upgrades, is a premium addition to the previously introduced Go5G Plus plan.

T-Mobile Unveils Go5G Next 

According to T-Mobile, the Go5G Next's pricing structure offers an additional $5 savings per line and assumes registration in automatic payments. However, this discount is different from the $5 fee for in-store payments. The Go5G Next mainly matches the features of its more affordable "Plus" plan counterpart in terms of features. These features include unlimited calling and text, access to Apple TV Plus, Netflix Basic (or Standard for family plans), unlimited mobile data, and 50GB of broadband-quality mobile hotspot data. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]T-Mobile is launching an even costlier new 5G plan for yearly phone upgraders - PhoneArena Image credit- PhoneArena[/caption]

What's the Twist?

T-Mobile won't label you "upgrade-ready" until at least half the cost of your phone has been paid. A one-year contract will still be obligatory for you if this does not happen. With its AT&T Next Up add-on, AT&T offers a comparable deal that provides an extra $6 per month over your payment plan, you can become eligible for an upgrade after paying off 50% of your phone's price. The $6 monthly fee is a supplemental cost, but it's important to note that it's part of a plan that, according to a chart in T-Mobile's announcement, has a monthly cost that is $15 less affordable before fees. The plan, which is offered as an alternative to the normal three-year contracts offered by other carriers, contradicts the widespread idea of a "free" phone, which is frequently achieved through monthly credits on your account. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Introducing T‑Mobile's Latest Un‑carrier Move “Phone Freedom” ‑ T‑Mobile Newsroom Image credit ‑ T‑Mobile Newsroom[/caption]

Pretty Expensive Plan

Go5G Next is a scheme that allows you to upgrade from an old handset to a new one every year, instead of just every 24 months, and it's all free. Of course, the procedure is not always simple. You must trade in your old device and make sure it is only partially paid off when you decide to upgrade in order to be eligible for your free annual upgrade. The reports claimed that the "Un-carrier" compares its recently unveiled premium package against Verizon's Unlimited Plus and AT&T's Unlimited Premium plans in a separate comparison chart. Although T-Mobile attempts to sell the Go5G Next plan in the best possible way, it cannot be denied that, at its core, this option is more expensive than the top-tier plans of its competitors, whether you consider one line or extend to four lines. Also read: Verizon 5G Home Internet vs. T-Mobile Home Internet: Which Is Better For Your Home?

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