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Target Steps Up its Delivery Game with Target Circle 360

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Target is enhancing its online shopping experience with the debut of Target Circle 360, a premium membership club that provides free, unlimited delivery and quick shipping. This move comes as the retail behemoth aims to compete with similar offerings from Amazon Prime and Walmart, both seeking dominance in the ever-changing world of e-commerce. Priced at $99 annually, Target Circle 360 offers members several enticing perks:
  • Free same-day delivery on orders exceeding $35: This service takes advantage of Target's acquisition of Shipt, using local delivery drivers to accelerate purchases directly from neighbouring stores.
  • Free two-day shipping: This incentive, like the ones offered by other retailers, reduces delivery charges for the majority of online purchases.
Target Circle 360 gives you access to the Shipt Marketplace as well, so you may choose to have things from other retailers in addition to Target's enormous assortment delivered. For those who are already Shipt subscribers, the switch may look familiar. Except for the $35 order requirement, the new plan combines the benefits of the current Shipt membership with free two-day shipping. On the other hand, Shipt Marketplace access is an extra benefit of Target Circle 360. Target's strategic approach reflects the current retail scenario, in which the lines between online and in-store shopping are increasingly blurred. To fulfil online orders, all of the big players—including Target, Walmart, and Amazon—are using a combination of dedicated warehouses and physical storefronts. Target and Walmart make the most of their physical stores and have a distinct advantage in certain areas, while Amazon has a vast network of delivery hubs. Target admits that it might not be possible to outperform Amazon Prime in terms of delivery. But by providing a similar membership at a competitive price, they hope to draw in some of Amazon's consumer base that values speedy delivery choices and ease. Target Circle 360 goes on sale on April 7 and is available for $49 during an initial period that ends on May 18. This time-limited promotion strengthens the subscription's allure and might persuade early adopters to sign up and take advantage of Target's speedier and more convenient online shopping.

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