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8 Things Artificial Intelligence (AI) Still Can't Do

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made an impressive place in today’s digital world. But there are many things that AI still cannot do. Despite its incredible advancements, there are inherent limitations that AI technology. Let’s explore what AI cannot do yet and still struggles to measure up to human capabilities.

1. Understanding Context and Common Sense:

AI is exceptional at processing vast amounts of data and recognizing patterns, but understanding context or having common sense remains a hurdle. Humans effortlessly understand subtleties, humor, context, and common sense that AI cannot do.

2. Creativity and Imagination:

AI lacks the emotional depth and personal experiences that often drive true and original creations. This is about making new and cool things. AI can copy patterns in data to create stuff, but it can't be super creative like humans can.

3. Ethical Decision-Making:

AI can assist in decision-making processes, yet ethical considerations require human judgment, empathy, and moral understanding. Assigning moral values or making decisions in different situations is a skill deeply rooted in humans.

4. Adaptability and Flexibility:

AI is really good when it knows the rules and info it learned. But when things change unexpectedly, AI finds it hard to adjust without specific instructions. Humans are much better at handling different situations, even ones they've never seen before or some situations they have never faced before.

5. Understanding Feelings:

AI can't understand emotions or consciousness like humans do. Knowing and reacting to feelings or handling social situations is something AI isn't good at as they do not have any self-awareness.

6. Moving and Feeling Things:

AI can do tasks using machines, but it's not as good as humans in being delicate or flexible. Feeling things with touch, taste, smell, and all the senses is something AI can't do like us. Also Read: Scarlett Johansson Takes Legal Action Against AI App

7. Learning with Just a Little Info:

Humans can learn something new with just a bit of info. But AI needs a lot more data and needs proper explanation to learn properly. It's not great at learning from a small amount of info as they struggle to understand the importance of the context.

8. Solving Hard Problems:

AI is good at solving hard problems within a limit. However, it is not great at solving problems that need a lot of different ways of thinking and require different approaches. Humans are better at solving hard problems with different solutions.


Both personally and professionally, artificial intelligence and AI solutions play a significant role in our lives. AI has proven beneficial for almost every industry sector, including healthcare, banking, entertainment, education, retail, and transportation. AI is not a human substitute. It's true that AI is able to perform many tasks faster and quicker than humans. Additionally, it is capable of doing data-related activities that the human brain is not capable of handling. But there are a lot of things that involve a human touch to make it more intuitive and acknowledge human intelligence. The limitations of AI highlight the unique strengths of humans and their intelligence.

By Monica Green

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