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Why We Would Nominate Google Pixel Fold As The Best Foldable Phone In The Coming Year?

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Why We Would Nominate Google Pixel Fold As The Best Foldable Phone In The Coming Year?-GadgetAny

Thanks to its own Pixel phone series, Google has long been associated with the Android smartphone market, and this association has only grown. Despite some small issues, the most recent models, the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, have been well received by consumers. The Pixel is the best option if you want to experience Android in its purest form. Based on my tests, even I, a long-time iPhone user, prefer the Pixel thus far above other Android smartphones.

Now, it appears that 2023 could be the year that the first foldable Pixel device, possibly dubbed the “Google Pixel Fold,” is released. Recent leaks have given us a better sense of what Google’s first foldable phone will look like, which is a widely awaited smartphone. Here are some features we’re hoping to see on the Google Pixel Fold, despite the fact that nothing has been officially revealed yet.

Reasons to buy Google Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Foldable

Top-notch camera with photo-editing capabilities

The camera on foldable phones can be hit or miss, despite the fact that there are already a number of them available, including the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. However, if there is one thing that Pixel phones excel at, it is taking pictures.

We anticipate that the Google Pixel Fold will have a superior camera system similar to the previous generations of Pixel phones that came before it. Since the Pixel 6 series, we have grown to particularly appreciate the distinct camera bar design, so I hope it will also be on the Pixel Fold.

According to the reports that have already surfaced, the Pixel Fold should include a decent camera system with at least 64 megapixels for the primary sensor and 10MP telephoto and 12MP ultrawide cameras. Although there is a slight downgrade in the telephoto from the 48MP camera on the Pixel 7 Pro, the folding form makes that less shocking. The camera bar will probably return because this would be a three-camera setup, and based on the leaked renders, it looks like this will be the case (with some minor differences). But since nothing is confirmed, Google might also make a last-minute modification.

In addition to the primary three-camera setup, sources indicate the inclusion of two additional 9.5MP cameras, one of which would be visible via a hole in the outer screen and the other of which would be hidden in the top bezel of the main inner display when the Pixel Fold is opened.

Google Pixel Foldable

Scarcely perceptible display wrinkle

There has always been one major, obvious issue with foldable devices: a crease on the screen where it would fold from the hinge. Even as folding screen technology developed since the failure that was the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, there was always a tiny crease in the center. There is no disputing that it is a problem, even though some are better than others.

Google may not be as perfect as Apple in every area, but the Pixel series shows great progress. Since the Pixel Fold is probably more similar in appearance to the Oppo Find N than the Z Fold 4, I personally hope that Google finds a way to make the display crease as undetectable as possible.

The Pixel Fold appears to have a broader outer screen than the Z Fold 4 in the leaked renderings, making it more resemblant of a “regular” smartphone. Its larger screen, which is in horizontal landscape configuration after the Pixel Fold is unfolded, should make the crease less obvious when in use.

Semiconducter chip

Tensor chip from Google with AI capabilities

Google followed Apple’s lead and began producing its own chipset, Google Tensor, with the Pixel 6 series. Tensor G2, the most recent version of Google’s own system on a chip (SoC), was introduced with the Pixel 7 and has done wonders for the Pixel range, however battery life might be improved.

While Tensor won’t outperform comparable chips from Qualcomm and MediaTek in benchmark tests, it enables all of the machine learning and artificial intelligence on the Pixel range, and we anticipate that this will also be true with the Google Pixel Fold.

It is interesting to see the advantages people will be able to enjoy from a Tensor-powered foldable as Tensor is the brains behind all of the AI capabilities of the Pixel devices. The Magic Eraser and other AI improvements for photo editing, background noise removal on phone conversations, emoji recommendation based on the context of a discussion in the Messages app with Google Assistant, voice transcription for audio files, and more entertaining and helpful features are currently available. Even the already amazing Direct My Call feature was enhanced by Tensor by eliminating the automatic directory message during calls and providing all available options right away. It’s also intriguing to think about how Google might use new Tensor AI techniques to take advantage of the greater dimensions of the Pixel Fold

The Apple Pencil lacks a USB-C port, so Logitech has updated its Crayon stylus

Please support stylus

I would adore it if Google gave the Pixel Fold stylus support, even though it hasn’t yet been reported. It just seems logical, right? It would be ideal for things like taking notes or even drawing, and both of those can be done much better with a good stylus, as it is a folding tablet that opens up to a larger screen. Heck, sometimes I prefer to navigate on my gadgets using a stylus so that there are fewer fingerprint smudges on the screen.

This would obviously be a very unlikely scenario. There haven’t been any rumors about the Pixel Fold possibly supporting styluses up to this point. Additionally, adding a slot for an integrated stylus would undoubtedly result in some additional bulk. After all, Samsung abandoned plans for a built-in stylus slot on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in favor of a smaller design. Even though I personally would love to see the Pixel Fold ship with a stylus, this may just be me being wishy-washy.

Pixel Fold

Android software enhanced for larger screens

Android needs to be better adapted for these bigger screens as a whole if Google is putting its toes into the foldable market. Finding apps that are best suited for the larger screens of foldables and tablets is a hassle right now because many of them are only geared for phones.

Since Google is the main developer of the Android operating system as a whole and Pixel devices receive the pure version with no restrictions, it is hoped that Android will eventually be more appropriate for larger smartphones like the Pixel Fold. There are several excellent examples of these kinds of apps on the iPadOS platform, including Scrivener, which is unavailable on Android but works best on a larger screen.


As the year comes to a close, it appears like there will be a lot of interesting new developments in 2019, especially with the Google Pixel Fold. Even though I use iPhones more often than other devices, I’ve been enjoying my time with the Google Pixel 7 as I try out different Android gadgets.

Given the stiff competition we already face from Samsung, Oppo, and even companies like Honor, I’m interested to see how Google does with the first foldable Pixel. Some of the things I’d like to see might be more of pipe dreams, but the most of them ought to be more doable.

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