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World’s Largest Cruise To Be Scrapped Before It’s First Voyage

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World’s Largest Cruise To Be Scrapped Before It’s First Voyage-GadgetAny

The world’s largest cruise liner, Global Dream II, was scrapped before it could sail into the ocean.

The humongous cruiser was built by MV Werften, a German-Hongkong ship builders firm, to take 9,000 passengers abroad. It cost $1.4 billion, which almost bankrupted the company at the beginning of this year.

Following this ordeal, no one was willing to own the sea monster and was left with only one option, scrapping. However, according to Mail, the ship had a waterpark and movie theater. The Wonder Of The Sea is the second largest ship owned and operated by Royal Caribbean, with a capacity of 6,988. 

Even after spending 1.4 billion, another $2,30,000,000 worth of work is pending. The structure is supposedly complete, but passenger facilities and equipment are still pending. The II in the Global Dream II signifies a twin cruise, but there is no information yet.

The ship is currently in Wismar, a German shipyard. But that yard will be used for military vessels. So Global Dreams will have to vacate the premises by the end of the year.

Industry experts TradeWinds stated, “The Global Dream would have no problems finding a buyer in a strong cruise market.”

“There remains a glimmer of hope that a buyer can be found, with Stena potentially hoping to buy it for the Chinese cruise market.”

“Faced with the tight deadline to get the Global Dream out of its building dock by the end of 2023, recycling the ship in Turkey is the last resort Morgen hopes to avoid.”

Like many other industries, the travel industry was hit severely during the pandemic, including the cruise operators, and cruise ship production paused.

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