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Xiaomi Smart Band 8: Fitness Tracker Scheduled for Worldwide Release in Autumn

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Image credit : Gadgets & Wearables Xiaomi has revealed its intentions to introduce the much-anticipated Smart Band 8 to the global market, according to a recent report. However, fitness enthusiasts worldwide may need to practice some patience, as the commencement of shipments is not projected until October. This six-month waiting period follows the device's initial launch in Xiaomi's domestic market. The Smart Band 8 was unveiled by Xiaomi in April, an impressive addition to its lineup of fitness trackers. The Smart Band 8 Pro was subsequently introduced. Nonetheless, both these offerings are presently being kept exclusive to the Chinese audience, continuing a pattern Xiaomi has adhered to with previous generations like the Smart Band 7 and Smart Band 7 Pro. [caption id="attachment_191291" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Xiaomi-Smart-Band-8_ Image credit : Gagadget.com[/caption] A report from Gadgets & Wearables suggests that a "major Polish distributor" has leaked information about the start of Smart Band 8 deliveries. Despite the absence of a credible source and the distributor's identity not being disclosed, the report points to a global launch of the Smart Band 8 commencing on October 4. This aligns with the launch of Xiaomi's 13T series. However, the credibility of this information should be regarded with caution until substantiated by reliable evidence. Interestingly, further details have emerged as Kacper Skrzypek shared information about the Polish distributor mentioned earlier. X-Kom, as illustrated, intends to initiate Smart Band 8 shipments on October 3, a day ahead of the previous report. X-Kom has also set the Smart Band 8's price at PLN 199, equivalent to around €45 or US$49, inclusive of Poland's 23% VAT. This suggests that the Smart Band 8 could potentially cost less than US$40 for consumers in the United States. Also read : How to Spice Up Your Messages with Live Stickers on iPhone and iPad In anticipation of the global launch of the Smart Band 8, Xiaomi enthusiasts worldwide await an official announcement. As the company has a history of unveiling global releases a few weeks before actual availability, we can anticipate updates and details in the near future. All eyes are on Xiaomi as it prepares to bring its latest fitness tracker to a global audience.

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