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You can save 43% on this Bluetooth portable printer

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Phomemo M04S Bluetooth Portable Printer | $68 | Amazon

A delightful little tool or maybe a thoughtful gift is a little Bluetooth printer. An excellent item to pack for a trip or bachelor or bachelorette party. Sincerely, I adore using my tiny thermal printer as a Dungeons & Dragons game master. allows for quick printing of monster stat blocks to be used as a quick reference during play. This one only needs paper; it doesn't need toner, cartridges, or ink. To print photographs, PDFs, and more, Bluetooth-connect it to the app on your phone. This Bluetooth portable printer usually costs $120, but it is currently 43% discounted. That reduces the cost to just $68. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="355"]Phomemo M04S 110mm Portable Wireless Printer Bluetooth Mini Thermal Mobile  Printer, Support 53/80/110mm Printing Width, 300 dpi,Compatible with iOS +  Android, Suitable for Mobile Office,Note,Sticker : Amazon.in: Industrial &  Scientific Image credit- Amazon[/caption]


  • Maximum 4-inch printing width is supported by the Phomemo M04S thermal pocket printer.
  • High-resolution printing at 300 dpi is perfect for printing on paper, notes, and other types of documents.
  • A roll of white adhesive thermal sticker paper measuring 110 mm wide is included with the Phomemo M04S portable printer.
  • With simply a roll of thermal paper and a portable mobile printer like the Phomemo M04S, which prints in thermal rather than ink or ribbon, you can print anything you want.
  • The printer comes with a paper roll, and you may change the roll's width to match the paper's width for quick and easy printing.
  • The large-size thermal printer is excellent for office employees who need to print documents, as well as for students or teachers who need to print reading notes or exercises.
  • In addition, you can use it to make DIY handbooks or other creative stickers. It is a portable, multipurpose printer.
  • Mobile phones are compatible with the Smart App-phoneme M04S mobile printer. Download the [Phomemo] app, then use the app to connect the printer. The [Phomemo] APP can print images as well as document types including Word, TXT, and PDF.
  • The APP is continually updated and has hundreds of patterns and themes. Support for 11 national languages.
  • The Large Capacity- M04S wireless printer simply requires Type-C charging and can operate continuously for 5 hours after being fully charged. Please be aware that it is not PC compatible.
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