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10 hidden features in your Tesla that you may not be familiar with

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Tesla is not like other cars, and not just because they are some of the most popular electric vehicles on the market today. You may not be aware that there are a number of hidden features in your Tesla. Even if you're a seasoned electric car driver or have been in a Tesla before, there are likely some things you didn't know, and given the frequency with which Tesla updates its cars, there may even be new ones you didn't know were there. We are going to discuss some of Tesla's best-hidden features.

Here is a list of some unfamiliar features of Tesla:

  • You can use Tesla as a dashboard camera.
When you drive a Tesla, you don’t need the best dash cams, because the Tesla is the dash cam. The cameras scattered throughout the car can keep a record of what’s going on when you’re driving, while Sentry Mode keeps it safe when you’re parking. But accessing and storing that footage is up to you. The Sentry Mode, which, once activated, monitors your car and records footage of incidents when you are not driving, can also be activated in this way, from Control > Safety > Sentry Mode > On.
  • Use the Careoke mode:
Tesla's Careoke mode is the perfect way to live out your imaginary (or nightmare) of being James Corden. It literally turns your car into a roving karaoke machine, with song lyrics prominently displayed on the screen in a way that doesn't interfere with your vital driver information. electrek Careoke can be used while driving. Tap on the Music icon at the bottom of your screen and choose Careoke from the myriad of sources available. Just be aware that streaming everything requires an active data connection, so you'll need to subscribe to Tesla Premium Connectivity ($10 a month) or connect to a standalone Wi-Fi network or hotspot.
  • Tesla Theater:
It helps to have something to do when you have to park a car, be it at a charging station or somewhere else. Fortunately, Tesla has a number of entertainment features, provided the car is not driving. These include access to popular streaming services, including Netflix and YouTube. To reach the screen, tap Controls > Entertainment > Theater, and then select the app of your choice.
  • Adjust your suspension height (Model S):
The Tesla Model S has an automatic air-lowering suspension system that automatically adapts to your driving conditions to provide the best performance and ride quality in the process. However, you can adjust the suspension yourself by hitting the brake pedal and then Controls > Suspension on the touchscreen.
  • Reset your tire configuration:
If your tires are changing, it can throw your Tesla’s range estimates out of whack. When you swap tires or install a set of winter tires, you must reset the tire configuration, which tells your Tesla to forget its learned tire settings. [caption id="attachment_82070" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Tesla Model Y image: Tesla[/caption] It also resets the clock on the automatic wear and tread alert, which appears every 6,250 miles. On your touchscreen, navigate to Controls > Service > Wheels and Tires > Tires. If your tires change, don’t reinstall the tire configuration, as it will cause temporary acceleration and regenerative braking performance changes.
  • Use ludicrous mode:
Ludicrous mode is Tesla’s own version of launch control, with software improvements helping to boost the car's performance of the car. Tesla has some of the fastest acceleration times of any electric car on the road. Ludicrous boosts peak torque by about 60%, while the newer Ludicrous Plus achieves the same while heating the battery to "ideal operating temperatures", enabling it to devote 100% of the available power to the motor. The Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid also feature a "Plaid mode" with five unique performance improvements that you can explore.
  • Tesla has Dog mode:
Dog mode is a Tesla feature named after your favorite furry friend. The idea is that you can leave your dog (or children) in the car, and the Tesla system will maintain a comfortable temperature no matter how hot or cold it might be outside. Besides, the touchscreen contains a message that informs passersby that you have abandoned your dog to succumb to the elements. [caption id="attachment_86337" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Tesla Dog mode Tesla Dog mode[/caption] While Dog Mode prevents Sentry Mode from being active, Tesla recently added a feature that allows you to watch a live feed and see what your dog is up to when you are not there. To have Dog Mode, head to the HVAC control screen and click the Dog icon on the right-hand side, the one with a pawprint over it. Also, check if you have more than 20% battery, or else the feature will not operate.
  • Fart mode & other gimmicks.
A Tesla can make a wide variety of fart sounds in Fart Mode, which is great if your sense of humor rivals that of a teenage boy or a billionaire auto CEO. Other features include the ability to transform your map into the surface of Mars, set up a light show, sketch a road, turn the Autopilot Road into Rainbow Road, create romantic scenarios (a virtual fire), use a Boombox (custom sounds from the exterior speaker), and more.
  • You can use speed limit mode:
Most modern cars have a speed limiter, but Tesla's isn't immediately apparent. Go to your touchscreen and click on Controls. You can set your speed between 50 and 90 mph and no matter how hard you put your foot down, your car will not go any faster. A similar feature called "Valet Mode" can be activated from the screen, which limits your top speed to 70 mph and activates a number of privacy features. To activate it, tap your profile name on the screen, and then select Valet Mode in the drop-down menu. Enter a four-digit PIN to activate the setting until you deactivate it.
  •   Maintain the permissible trunk top elevation.
The powered trunk is a great feature on any car, but it might be a little too high for you or your garage. Fortunately, you can adjust the maximum height yourself, without having to change any settings. After pulling the trunk hatch down to your preferred height, press and hold the trunk closing button for three seconds, and the car will announce that you're good to go.

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