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VOOK Launches New E-Trike Electric Bike With Top Speed

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image credit - carscoops.com You may be interested in this incredible electric tricycle if you are looking for a quick alternative to an electric scooter or bicycle. The VOOK E-bike can travel 100 meters in just seven seconds and has a range of up to 180 kilometers (110 miles) on a single charge. A new player has emerged in the domain of electric mobility that promises to revolutionize the commuter experience. The VOOK E-trike, an electric tricycle that combines performance, design, and comfort, will revolutionize the way we travel. The VOOK E-bike is not solely designed to get you from A to B. It involves transforming your journey into an exciting experience. With a focus on comfort, ultra-long range, performance, and sophisticated safety features, VOOK is here to provide you with the smoothest yet most thrilling ride of your life. [caption id="attachment_189562" align="aligncenter" width="980"]e-trike image credit - autoweek.com[/caption]

Features Of E-Trike


While Indiegogo crowdfunding is still ongoing, early bird pre-order pledges for the original project start at about $1500 or £1180 (depending on the current exchange rate), a big discount of about 44% off the usual retail price.


The VOOK E-trike stands out because it has an unbeatable range. This electric bike can go up to 110 miles (180 km) on a single charge, so it can be used for longer rides that don't need to be charged as often. VOOK can get you where you want to go, whether you're going to work or just looking around. Also read - LEMMO One Hybrid e-Bike Effortlessly Transitions Between Manual & Electric Riding


But distance isn't the only issue. The VOOK E-trike is a beast on the road. It has a combined motor power output of 3,000W nominal/6,000W peak and 145 Nm of torque, which is very amazing. This means that the trike can speed up very quickly. It can go from 0 to 100 meters in just seven seconds. Depending on which mode (Safe, Eco, Sport, or Boost) you choose, you can go as fast as 40 mph (65 km/h). VOOK thinks that style and how well something works should go hand in hand. So, they made their bike to say something about themselves. The VOOK E-trike is sure to get attention wherever you go, thanks to its smooth lines and well-made features. If the VOOK E-trike campaign gets the required amount of pledges and production goes well, the bikes should be shipped all over the world around December 2023. Check out the movie below to learn more about the VOOK E-trike electric trike project. But VOOK doesn't just care about style. The trike is also made to be as comfortable and useful as possible. Riders can look forward to a smooth and enjoyable ride because the seat is comfy, and the bike is designed to be easy on the body. In conclusion, the VOOK E-trike is more than just a fast option for an electric bike or scooter. It changes the game for electric transportation because it has an unbeatable mix of range, speed, style, and comfort. So, explorers, buckle up and get ready for the best ride of your lives with VOOK.

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