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65-inch 120Hz Vizio OLED H1 TV, Save 33%

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Given that both OLED sets have a rapid 120Hz refresh rate and HDMI 2.1 but aren't very bright in HDR mode, the relatively inexpensive 65-inch Vizio TV might be a noteworthy option to the more newer LG B2. Vizio, a business with headquarters in California, is undoubtedly not the biggest player or most recognizable name in the TV industry, but some of its sets may provide a somewhat alluring price-performance ratio. For those still looking for a big screen in the competitive US$1,000 price range, a current sale for a 65-inch Vizio OLED TV might be worth a look. Best Buy: VIZIO 65 Photo Credit: BestBuy The 65-inch Vizio OLED H1, which was first released in 2020, is specifically available from Walmart for US$999 with free shipping. This TV panel, despite its relatively modest sale price, boasts a native refresh rate of 120Hz and includes the necessary HDMI 2.1 connectors, which are crucial for console gamers. In contrast, Amazon is presently offering the 55-inch Vizio OLED for the same price, and Walmart's offer is also a great substitute for anyone interested in the more expensive LG B2. Prospective customers might read Rtings' in-depth review of the Vizio OLED H1 for more information, where the TV received a very respectable 8.7 out of 10 points. For instance, the HDR peak brightness was measured by the reviewers to be up to 788 nits in some settings, which is a little more than the LG B2's claimed maximum brightness. The bargain is ideal for consumers who can put up with the odd software hitch or who primarily use an external media device like Amazon's Fire TV Stick 4K Max, which is now on sale for US$35. It should be noted, though, that many Vizio TVs have been plagued by bothersome software issues.

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