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A new update to the Facades app allows users to keep track of all Apple Stores they've visited

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Michael Steeber, the creative mind behind Facades has upgraded his app with another handy function. At the time, consumers may now keep track of all the Apple Stores they have visited from various regions of the globe. The newly-updated Facades app is now allowing users to catalogue all their visited Apple Stores from different corners of the world. According to a recent reports, Apple buyers may now catalogue all of the Apple Stores they visited to thanks to the latest Facades update. With the launch of the new improvements, you may now share your experience with your friends when visiting a particular Apple Store in your region or to other countries through a list. It's like a bucket list that you can carry and check wherever you go so you can keep track of the shops you have gone into. According to Steeber, this card has two separate variations: one is set to light mode while the other one is for dark mode enjoyers. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Facades app lets you catalog every Apple Store you've ever visited Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] "After you've constructed your list, you may share it as a picture in bright or dark mode and export the plain text. There are three image styles: Most Recent Visit, List, and Grid," Steeber stated on his newest blog post. The Facades app is a customised app where you may pin your Wish list for the Visited Stores. You can mark them in your Favorites and Bookmarks, as well. One thing that you can soon access through the app is the filter tool where you can simply filter all the Apple Stores into specific categories. Also Read: OnePlus 10 Pro Launch Date Revealed Officially - See Details You can check what stores have a Boardroom or a Green Wall. Specifically, this makes it easier for users to navigate to a particular branch with a prominent landmark. Apart from that, Steeber introduces the new Global Map that users may see through the Locations Tab. From here, you may check the availability of the Apple Stores all around the world whether they're open for that given day or closed. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]Apple loosens tight grip on App Store pricing | Mint Image credit- Mint[/caption] If you wish to download Facades for your Apple Store tour, you may head to the App Store and download it right here. For those unfamiliar with Facades, Steeber introduced this software just in November 2022. Back then, he was still experimenting with the features that he will include for the pre-launched app. By visiting this link, you can get to examine the historical appearance of the Cupertino business and recollect about its details that initially came out several years ago. Some of the most nostalgic icons that you can uncover in Apple Store Time Machine are the Apple Store Fifth Avenue, the Infinite Loop, Stanford Shopping Center, and more.

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