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Advertisements are posed as answers on Amazon Alexa

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One of the most popular virtual assistants available, Alexa from Amazon, will shortly adopt a new strategy to improve the accuracy of its responses. You might wonder how? by approaching sponsors for assistance in exchange for brand exposure. Customers Ask Alexa is a brand-new Amazon Alexa feature that was formally unveiled. Instead of drawing answers from the Internet or Alexa's crowdsourced answers, brands may now provide their responses to frequent queries posed by users. Advertisements are posed as answers on Amazon Alexa They would likely only be displayed when someone asked a question pertinent to that brand, and in a sense, they would be adverts disguised as responses. When a brand responds to a question, it will be made clear, and the source of the reaction will be identified. Theoretically, the fact that all responses would undergo content control and quality checks and that marketers will not be able to pay for answers should prevent businesses from exploiting the system. But, of course, that will depend on how accurate or inaccurate such checks are. Advertisements are posed as answers on Amazon Alexa If the system is implemented correctly, it may allow for the curation and subsequent improvement of some replies to queries. Additionally, brands may gain visibility in the process. Everyone benefits. By the end of this year, branded responses will appear in Amazon search results, and by the following year, Alexa should start reading them aloud.

By Saloni Behl

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