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Amazon Luna To Remove Almost 50 Games

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Amazon Luna To Remove Almost 50 Games-GadgetAny
Amazon Luna

With Luna, Amazon has established itself as a player in the ecosystem of game streaming, particularly in light of Google Stadia’s demise. Unfortunately, Amazon Luna will drastically reduce its gaming selection, removing nearly 50 titles altogether.

No fewer than 45 games will be removed from Amazon’s game streaming service over the course of the upcoming month, continuing a disturbing pattern for platform users that Luna is eliminating more games than it is adding. These aren’t just idle games, either; some of the biggest titles on the platform are being eliminated from this list. Resident Evil 7, Yakuza Zero, Yooka-Laylee, and Dirt 5 are among the games that have been taken down.

This doesn’t necessarily imply that Amazon will be less than fully devoted to Luna, but it does suggest that it may soon suffer the same fate as Stadia. That was a big factor in Stadia’s eventual collapse; since Google wasn’t showing much interest in it and the platform wasn’t getting many new games, the company ultimately chose to kill it off. To 9to5Google, Amazon did provide a statement in which it promised to “update our content offerings.”

Let’s hope this year doesn’t see the demise of another significant game streaming service.

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