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Amazon updates Fire TV with free music videos, viral videos, & more ad-supported content

(Image Credit Google)
Amazon has announced that Fire TV users in the United States will now be able to see tens of thousands of music videos from major and independent labels for free. There are no downloads, fees, or subscriptions required to view the music videos. Ad-supported music videos will be accessible from Billboard Hot 100 artists such as Taylor Swift, Drake, Harry Styles, and Lizzo, as well as a catalogue of classics from various genres. According to the company, new content will be updated on a daily basis. Customers with Fire TV can find personalised recommendations based on their preferences and viewing history, develop their own mixes, or select from pre-made playlists such as Top Holiday Hits, Best of 2022 Recap, and Country Today. Users can skip unlimited music videos and have the option to play a long sequence of similar music videos. You can get to the music videos by saying "Alexa, find Music Videos" into the voice control on the Fire TV remote. Customers will also have access to ad-supported content such as business and finance news from Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and others. Users will also be able to access entertainment news from companies such as E! News and Mixible. Always Funny Videos, FailArmy, People Are Awesome, and The Pet Collective provide additional video content. You can open the additional free content by going to the "Home" button on the Fire TV navigation bar or using the voice control on the remote.

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