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Amazon upgrades the Echo Buds 2 with audio customisation

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Although Amazon's Echo Buds 2 have been out for a time, the firm seems to constantly be considering ways to make them better. It was revealed today that users of the Alexa app for smartphones will be able to enable audio customization. If you're "viewing a movie on your laptop or tuning in to your favorite playlist on your phone," the new function enables you to find the ideal audio combination for various situations and environments. Open the Alexa app, choose Echo Buds Settings, then choose Audio Personalization to make use of it. How to Connect Alexa to a Roku and Use Voice Control Photo Credit: Business Insider You'll be given a selection of frequencies and volume levels for each ear, providing the app with the data it requires to carry out the calibration. The updated parameters are then transferred to the Echo Buds 2, which should produce better sound. If the Audio Personalization option is not present, your Echo Buds 2 may not be running the most recent software. For the most recent update (578821692 as of January 24, 2023) to your earbuds:
  • Ensure that the charging case is at least 30% charged and that the earbuds are fully charged.
  • Place your Echo Buds next to your phone with the cover closed, and leave them there for at least 30 minutes.
  • The software upgrade must to be carried out automatically.
  • Following the previous instructions, select Echo Buds Settings, then About, and look at the Device Software Version.
Amazon Echo Buds 2 Review: a Worthy AirPods Competitor Photo Credit: Business Insider In order to assist users get more use out of their wireless earphones, Amazon is not the first company to do so. Similar practices are employed by other companies, ranging from straightforward built-in testing like the one included with Jabra's Elite 7 Pro to more complex third-party-powered solutions. For instance, Anker Soundcore chose HearID as the personalization mechanism on the Liberty 4 noise-canceling earphones, whereas 1More favors SoundID technology, which it utilizes on its ColorBuds 2 earbuds. Both Skullcandy and Beyerdynamic utilise Mimi for their own approaches to sound customisation.

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