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Amazon Will Hire 150,000 People For The Holiday Season 

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On Thursday, the largest online retailer, Amazon stated that they are employing 150,000 people to manage the holiday season rush. Every year, Amazon hires people for the holiday season with temporary workers so it can manage the demand. They stated that they are hiring people on a full-time, temporary and part-time basis to pack, store and ship items from its warehouse. Amazon Will Hire 150,000 People For The Holiday Season  Keeping up with the restricted labor market, Amazon increased the pay to $19 from $18 for warehouse and delivery workers. The company is offering bonuses from $1000 to $3000 depending on the work type to retain and attract people. The employment is in connection with the prime day deal like jackpot next week for the second time in the same year. According to some analysts, it is keeping in mind the inflation and slow holiday season added to panic regarding the economic slump. Amazon Will Hire 150,000 People For The Holiday Season  Amazon had to resize its workforce due to the pandemic and large-scale demand and supply concerns across many areas of the company. Many facilities have been closed, canceled, or delayed as it was left with a lot of warehouse space. The company fired 99,000 to 1.52 workers in the second quarter. The company is hiring the same amount of people as last year just like the other retailers. Walmart stated that they would hire 40,000 workers for full-time and part-time jobs which is less than last year. They had stated that they would add 150,000 partners with 20,000 workers to help the rush during the holiday season.

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